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...bless the wilted flowers...

....for they have died for you...

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August 7th, 2006

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Happy now?

May 23rd, 2006

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Anime By Your Side
My Friend
Written by Peggy Douglas

Don’t try to tell me
That I can’t make it
I have wings too
I can fly

You think that I will
Just fall from Heaven
You think that without help
I will die

But I know that
I can do what I have to
I will survive too
Even without you
Though everyone needs
Someone to comprehend
Don’t prophesize the end
And please don’t pretend to be
My friend

When the fire
That burns me ceases
I will step out
Fresh and new

Sometimes you need to
Just fight your way past it
Believe me, I’m fighting
And I’ll make it through

Though I wanted your help
You weren’t there to greet me
You complete me
But you tried to defeat me
I’m standing alone
And the fire’s still burning
My stomach is churning
And I am still yearning to find
My friend

I know I will make it
So I try to show no fear
But the burning is hurting
And I can’t help but let loose
A few lonely tears

You told me
I wouldn’t make it
That my wings were broken
I guess you were right

My sorrow has made me
Leap from Heaven
The apathy in your eyes
Has made me die

May 11th, 2006

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Anime By Your Side
Okay, journal entry for the morning number one. If anybody would like to go laser tagging on Saturday night around seven or eight (people who are in DnD will probably be over by eight, my brother claims) you are perfectly welcome. We're trying to get a big enough party so we'll know everyone on both teams.

Let me know!

April 30th, 2006

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Did you guys know that Frankie Muniz has been engaged to be married for a year now? He's twenty-one years old this December.

That somehow seems morally wrong.

April 4th, 2006

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Anime By Your Side

Here's the updated version of what Ashley found.

February 23rd, 2006

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Anime By Your Side
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February 14th, 2006

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Anime By Your Side



Life a breath of midnight air
Like a lighthouse
Like a prayer

Like a flicker and the flare the sky reveals

Like a walk along the shore
That you've walked a thousand times before
Like the oceans roar
Love heals

There are those who shield their hearts
Those who quit before they start

Who've frozen up the part of them that feels

In the dark they've lost their sight
Like a ship without a star in the night
But hold on tight

Love heals

When you feel like you can't go on

Love heals

Hold on to love
It'll keep you strong

Love heals

When you feel like you can't go on

Love heals

Hold on to love
And it will bring you home

Love heals when pain's too much to bear
When you reach out your hand
And only the wind is there

When life's unfair
When things like us are not to be

Love heals when you feel so small
Like a grain of sand
Like nothing at all

When you look out at sea
That's where love will be
That's where you'll find me
You'll fine me

So if you fear the storm ahead

As you lie awake in bed

And there's no one, no one to stroke you head
And your mind reels, your mind
Your mind reels.

If you face is salty wet
And you're drowning in regret

Don't forget
Don't forget
Don't forget
Don't forget
Don't forget
It's all right
Love heals
Love heals
Love heals
Love heals
Love heals

~From the Rent Movie Soundtrack~

February 9th, 2006

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Anime By Your Side
SciFi story continued

The morning flew by for Lily, scrubbing the bathroom, the kitchen, and even tackling her much avoided closet. Before she knew it, the time for Ana to come home had arrived and she hadn't even begun the happy-first-day-of-school lunch she had been thinking about for weeks. When Lily saw the clock she rushed into the kitchen to see how much money she had, hoping Ana would accept a visit to Chucky Cheese.
At precisely 12:30, Lily went outside to meet Ana at the bus.
At about 12:35, the bus rumbled and groaned to a stop outside the street.
Ana did not get off the bus.
Before the hairy old (man? woman?) bus driver could snap the bus door shut, Lily hopped on. "Excuse me," she shouted over the bus' creaky engine. "Is my daughter on this bus?"
The man (she was pretty sure he was male) shrugged his shoulders noncommittally.

February 7th, 2006

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Anime By Your Side
My Sci-Fi Story in the making...

Lily stood at the kitchen sink window and looked outside. It was a beautiful day, but chilly in the morning dew, and the leaves were already changing colors. The sky was a deep blue, almost cartoon-like in it's color, and there wasn't a cloud to be seen.

She gazed to the end of her street. A boy  was standing there, Tom, a boy of ten who she had seen grow up. She smiled. His hair was brown and shaggy around his ears, a drastic difference from the monthly crewcuts he had received as a child.

Next to him stood a girl, his older sister. Veronica was short for her age of eighteen and her hair was long and blond, trailing behind her back. Her arms were crossed, obviously indignant at being forced to watch her brother and "the new kid" at the bus stop.

Finally Lily's eyes trailed to the form of Tom and Veronica's guest. She smiled once again, a lump in her throat. The little girl standing there clutching Veronica's limp hand was small, very small, with light brown hair snapped together at the base of her neck with a Hello Kitty hair clip. A few wisps of hair came loose from the barrette, waving into the little girl's eyes, but she paid no notice. She was biting her lip, staring at the ground.

Lily had to fight the urge to run outside and save her daughter from the torment of a first day at school. Come on, now, she told herself sternly. Ana has to learn that she has to go to school. You're doing the right thing. Lily smiled. Pretty soon she would come home from school with stories to tell about friends and her super nice teacher who gave the kids candy and a name-tag as they walked through the door.

The big yellow bus rumbled around the corner and came to a screeching stop. Lily's lip trembled as she spotted Ana's frightened eyes casting their beacon of "please help me" to Veronica, oblivious to the child's torment. You can do it, Ana, Lily coached her baby girl silently. Come, now, you can do it.

Ana turned to the bus and climbed on after Tom at Veronica's irritated sigh. Lily breathed a sigh of relief and watched the bus groan and chug itself away. She looked down at the large stack of breakfast dishes and last night's dinner on the counter and sighed. Time to get to work. Hurry up, Ana, and get home!

January 26th, 2006

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